AeM Speedport
Sustainable mobility through the autonomous manoeuvring of aircraft

The “AeM Speedport” project represents a significant transformation in the aviation industry: the aim is to enable aircraft to be manoeuvred fully autonomously and without engine power from the parking position towards the runway and, after landing, to the gate. The heart of the control system will be an interactive control centre in which all movements of the aircraft will be performed using state-of-the-art sensor technology and AI-assisted processes. This project approach involves the automation of highly critical processes on the APRON and beyond as part of the vision of a fully automated airport of the future. As part of their collaboration, the project partners ADB Safegate and Mototok are seeking to create new environmental standards for airports and airlines, as well as to achieve significant and measurable savings potential in the area of ground operations. 


Stefan Kracht 

Project Management
Kracht Aviation Consulting

+ 49 1726070949

Thilo Wiers-Keiser 

Sales Manager and Co-Owner 
Mototok International GmbH

Thorben Burghardt 

VP GATE and Airport Systems 
ADB Safegate Germany GmbH

Frank Wunderlich  

Managing Director 
ADB Safegate Germany GmbH

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